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About Jane Morgan

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As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology with degrees
in Interior, and Graphic Design, I began my career working with Corporate Interior Design firms and later worked on projects for the Residential,

and Hospitality markets, including Model Rooms. 


As a Creative & Brand Director I build, guide, and manage design teams to execute marketing, promotional, and advertising campaigns across print, and digital platforms. I write, create, deliver, and maintain a strategic,
and cohesive brand vision, ensuring consistency among all creative assets and written communications. I have worked with such clients as
Barnes & Noble, The New York Times, Shape Magazine, Topps Collectible Company, B.Dalton, and Scholastic Media.

I jointly developed the Andrew Morgan Collection, a luxury textile accessories company providing products for the Hospitality industry.
Most recently, I am collaborating once again with Andrew Morgan

to market new textile solutions for the Hospitality, and Retail markets.


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